Kingsley: Greece Spring ’16

16th May 2016

We are off to Greece! The weather is getting warm and sunny and Greece has never seemed so enticing now that I have made the decision to no longer work in an office…for the time being! This means no clock-watching and certainly no need to account for my whereabouts to anyone other than Kingsley (who follows me to the loo anyhow, and Erroll whom its a pleasure to update with all our adventures).

Let me give you some context as to how we have ended up in Greece (again): After spending time in Sydney and Bangalow this April-May, and having agreed with Mumma Dora that I will clean her Saronitha apartment – get it ready for her summer tenant – I took the apartment keys and prepared for five weeks of bliss in the Motherland, just me and Kingsley. As it turned out, my dearest Kathy plus her beau Roberto surprising her family with a trip to Australia, visited Coogee a few times and agreed to travel back to Dubai with me and Kingsley. She and Roberto stayed with us in Dubai for a few nights, then flew to Holland where they live. In the meantime Erroll came home, wished us a wonderful trip and bid us farewell at the airport.

While in Greece this time we ventured further than Saronitha, with side trips to Sounio, Athens, Lavrio, Anavissos, Lagonissi and Palea Fokia. Every place we visited a new playground was discovered and ever more icecream cones were eaten. Kingsley made new friends by the day, and enjoyed souvlaki by night.

Here is how Kingsley and I spent the Spring of 2016…


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