16-03-17 Al Khazzan Park with the Grahams

Thursday 16th March 2017

Second Thursday in row meeting up with the Grahams for picnic in the park. We agree on Al Khazzan Solar Park, our current playground crush, for our rendevouz mainly because the cute cafe in the grounds serves great tasting hot beverages and the two sandy playgrounds keep the little ones entertained/eradicates toddler ‘boredom’.

Kingsley gets his usual breakfast of champions before we head out: a banana, a sippy cup of milk, two fried eggs and one slice buttery toast. He knows the drill, so willingly opens his mouth wide for the breakfast airplane to deposit each mouthful (yes, I still spoon-feed) as a prerequisite for leaving the house. And leave the house we do at exactly 10:30 AM heading out to meet his little mate Frazer!

Today the pushing/hitting relationship these boys developed the first time they met softened into a pleasant affection for one another, much to mine and Laura’s relief. Kingsley didn’t push (as much) and Frazer didn’t hit (as much). Of course Kingsley became insanely jealous when both infant swings were taken up by Frazer and Cecily, insisting I eject one or the other so that he may be swung. Instead I took off my shoes and rumbled about with him in the sand, we both enjoying the ‘big kids’ swings in the next playground area.

When we sensed the children were turning feral, Laura and I called for picnic time which sent the thirsty/hungry trio scampering to the shady spot under the tree. From here carrots, oranges, bananas, crackers, cookies and popcorn were hoovered. The blue popcorn send the little ones into a frenzy so Laura further calmed the kids with a book reading. I therefore was able to drink my by now tepid tea.

Book reading time with Miss Laura

Last of the Dubai winters’ days spent at Al Khazzan Park

When the Grahams left we remained: Kingsley playing with Mohammed