Good Food Diet, Day 2: 8Feb13

I managed to steer clear of processed foodstuffs all day. That’s right: nothing from a packet, plastic container, tetra pack or aluminium can past my lips. So don’t take this image, below, as evidence of any digression into dreadful eating habits. This was taken afew months ago, at Book Club, where we ladies gather at Al Qasr Hotel’s lobby, talk books, sip tea and nibble on cake.

Al Qasr Dubai 2012

Al Qasr Dubai 2012

Today’s intake was as follows:

Plum (30 cal)

Strawberries (50 cal)

Pineapple slices (75 cal)

2 x pear (180 cal)

Orange (80 cal)

30 x dates (@66 cal/date = 1800 cal)

Sushi grade salmon (150 cal)

Sushi grade tuna (150 cal)

Yellow grapes (200 cal)

Red grapes (200 cal)

250 gram packet Mushrooms (70 cal)

Tomato (22 cal)



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