07-03-20 Kingsley: On Foot

Saturday 7th March 2020

From the minute we wake we hustle just to get out the door. Heaven sent me the angel helper muma Dora who takes a load off me just by being there while I lose my shit, temper, sanity getting three hungry dependents ready and to the bus stop on time.

We make it on to the 353 bound for Bondi Junction, miraculously though I scream a bit at poor Linus only because we’re running late and he’s in the way of the huge double stroller in a narrow gateway but he says he was trying to let me, the lady, go first. I’m the worst mum at that point.

But I make up for my dreadful thoughtless behaviour by singing along with Linus as we explore nature at Queens Park. He’s still holding his ‘student of the day’ sticker proudly and even tells Erroll over the phone.

I tell Erroll of the scratches over Linus’ face. Ayla scratched him in a spar. Our son shrugs it off but cries a bit when my ring gouges out the cut later on. Ouch. I make up for it again the lousy mum that I am by letting him listen to a Greek cartoon over Bluetooth.