19-09-20 Kingsley: Centennial Park Icecream

Saturday 19th September 2020

From 12 till 2 mumma is drinking champagne at Scott’s salon launch. Kingsley the twins and Erroll are exploring Centennial Park playgrounds at Oxford Street gates a place I brought Kingsley to when he was ages 2 or so. He’s enjoying it again today but this time due to the muddy play wet area he’s discovered. Thankfully the champs is making all the mud on him seem less gross. I stick to putting the babies to nap in their buggy once I arrive from the launch.

Soon enough its icecream time, the pink icecream can has a great variety of soft serve plus they take eftpos. Kingsley orders the quality waffle cone vanilla with a chocolate flake. He can’t finish it of course Elektra the beneficiary of his remaining stub of icecream filled cone.