15-05-17 Seabathing

Monday 15th May 2017

How strange to have been here exactly one year ago. Landing in May of 2016 Kingsley and I began our swims immediately. The weather then lent itself to seabathing as it does today.

Today Kingsley pissed in the sea twice insisting he lowers his board shorts to do so while I demand he keeps his tackle in his jocks (I know however he gets his jollies from watching the trajectory of the arc).

Upside to an afternoon spent at the beach is that it provides incalculable diversions so that feeding the child becomes a breeze. Like a chick in its nest who’s mouth is ever open to his mumma bringing it worms and grubs, Kingsley lips part for banana, pink apple and a huge hunk of bread. It’ll do till dinner.

Chilly but refreshing

Crystal clear water in Saronītha. No floaties.