02-12-20 Kingsley: Handball

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

How did our baby all of a sudden grow to this young man, overnight? How did those legs become so long and that back so broad (but not as broad as this warm smile)?

Today a treat (for me): accompanying Linus to school and getting him there on time! We have our rituals m when I take him to school, such as singing all the way there, requesting a photo, he refusing one hundred times until it suits him then I must snap his good humour immediate. And today I succeed.

Both of us are jolly walking to school, Elektra great company in the Quinny just happy to be out. He loves Elektra showering her with violent kisses and headlocks. She’s resilient that one l, as is Kingsley. No snowflakes at Casa Coogee.

We spot a handball in the little lane way leading up to the Caltex on Coogee Bay Road. Its in the gutter covered in leaves and to Kingsley’s joy I agree he can take it. Handball is his current favourite game and collecting handballs (we lose so many!) has become treasure for him, on his bookshelf a dedicated spot for them.