13-02-19 3 Weeks Young

Wednesday 13th February 2019

A mum asked fellow mums for help on our Facebook page. This was her question:

“Mums, share all the tips n tricks how to put a 6 months old to sleep instantly without spending 3 hrs.”

Here is how I answered in the most genuine, truthful manner…

Yes! 1) Stick boob in baby’s mouth. 2) Lay down together with baby. 3) wait till baby finished feeding & pulls off. 4) either pass out in bed yourself or moonwalk out of room.

Milk drunk Elektra

Our 3 week old daughter Elektra is displaying the same oral fixation traits as her big bro Kingsley. Which is disturbing lemme tell you: 3.5 years of boobing that one.

Chilled Keanu on the other hand prefers sleep to putting in the effort of suckling fir his meal/to fall asleep. Those 12 days and nights in NICU had him get into the habit of falling asleep all alone, just him and his nasogastric tube for feeds.

Three weeks young now and Keanu continues, in the main, to settle by himself while big sis Elektra lets us all know she’s ready for her boob/sleep power combo.