27-04-20 Twins: Yellow for Hope

Monday 27th April 2020

Took these chumpy ones out today. A very long walk beginning at first with daddy walking you, then a play down on the grass at Coogee, watching your big brother race daddy. Keanu you wanted out of the buggy which we duly offered but it was because of your man size poo annoying you. Thanks for telling us!

I took over walking duties when the lads decide its time to play basketball at home. Us three on foot hit Randwick, leave Frank a fluffy toy in Marlen’s letterbox then hit Bondi Junction for shopping of course getting big brother his favourite surprise toys.

It is near impossible to get these three in the one spot, looking in the one direction (forget that lofty wish of them all smiling). Kingsley is fierce in tackling whichever sibling looks game; Elektra crawls away fast; Keanu climbs on any stationary object.

I’ve got you all in various hues of yellow today because yellow to me signifies hope. We live in hope that Erroll’s job and indeed the entire aviation / airline industries one day soon will return to (a new) normal, one in which jobs and families will have stability and income.