Kingsley: Bubbles

Friday 24th October 2014

Its the perrenial party-starter: blowing bubbles. Which baby doesn’t love a bubble? Kingsley is crazy about them, staring at us in awe that such things exist. Me too actually; I love them, with their ability to catch light and produce rainbows. And all I need is some dishwashing liquid and a wand. Hey, presto!

Blowing bubbles is not just a fun game; the boy and I are working on many skill sets. Following the bubbles with his eyes is a great way to work on his eye tracking. Watching the bubbles float are a great way to work on depth perception and distance. Swatting at the bubbles is a great hand-eye coordination workout. Finally, when Kingsley pops one, he learns cause and effect. I swing, bubble pops!

Ninni 013 Ninni 014 Ninni 015 Ninni 017


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