Greece Summer ’18: Summer Pagent invitation

Thursday 14th June 2018

Child, it was a race against time to get you this afternoon. Almost didn’t make it to Saronītha! Saw the σχολικό coming along the Sounio Highway 500 meters from our apartment block and had to wave Mr. Vasili down. There we were, Erroll and I, in our bathing suits perspiring, agitated and running late to get you.

You see your father and I decide to spend the day in picturesque Agīa Marīna only 30 minutes from home by bus. At precisely 8:30 we see you off to school, head home for breakfast and set our day around swimming in this magnificent part of the coastline with the view of being back in time to take you for your swim in the πισίνα.

But our bus never arrived. In fact there was a snap strike so all busses stopped operating leaving us stranded in Agīa Marīna with only one choice to make – power walk the 10km home. To fetch you! AND WE ACTUALLY DID IT! An hour and a half in the heat to get you! 

Darling it startled you seeing your parents run across the road toward the σχολικό nowhere near home; you said as much. And repeatedly asked how it could be that μπαμπά should be running across the road. Believe me, power walking at a clip for 90 minutes on a highway was a hairy experience but all ended well! You in our arms! Then straight in the pool.

While you and μπαμπά swum I received the invitation to attend your Summer Pagent. Your father and I delighted to attend…