Pasta Flora (Πάστα φλώρα με μαρμελάδα)

I baked ‘Pasta Flora’ today: a type of sweet tart with heavy dough base common to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Greece.

It is a covered, jam-filled shortcrust pastry dish principally made from flour, sugar and egg. Common fillings include quince, guava, or strawberry jam. I used blueberry and apricot jam in mine.

Here goes…


3 cups flour / 1Tbl baking powder / half cup sugar / 250g melted butter / 2 eggs / 2 types of jam (for decorating)


Line round tray with butter / heat oven to 180°C / mix ingredients (other than the jams) to make your heavy short crusy dough / fill tray with dough / create shapes on top (thus making spaces) / fill spaces with colourful jams.

Bake till golden brown…and enjoy with vanilla bean icecream!