24-07-16 Neighbourhood Friend

Sunday 24th July 2016

Aayan was ready for play again this evening with his new little mate, Kingsley. We heard him at the door knocking, asking us to open up, let Kingsley out to play. It was darling! Kingsley has made a friend!! And best of all, Erroll and I like the boy and his excellent parents, the kiddies have previously played well together, are polite, taking turns at touching toys, feeling proud to share their belongings with the other, have not shown meanness to the other.

So here was Aayan wanting to keep the friendship momentum alive with another visit. I was all for it! Plus perfectly timed as Erroll was off for a run and I wasn’t in the mood to entertain Kingsley till bedtime. Aayan, come on over!

It had started out well the other day when Kingsley himself asked to visit Aayan. I agreed to take him next door (literally 6 steps to the right in our corridor). Before we got to his door, he scurries back home and brings me one of his red cars, directs me to the kitchen and asks that we wrap the toy car in some aluminum foil. Before I know it, Kingsley is giving Aayan this wrapped pressie. Our boy, the generous soul!!

That was earlier in the week, and our neighbour Aayan was today reciprocating for the child brought over two muscle cars still in their packaging, one for Kingsley and one for himself. The boys sat on our carpeted living room floor and proceeded to unwrap their cars. Friends for life cemented there and then! Needless to say, I am proud that these rascals are mates and from my sheer delight they both got an orange Calippo to slurp as a treat before dinner!

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