Kingsley: Last day in May

31st May 2014

There was far too much going on today. I feel overwhelmed.

Firstly, Jiajia Dora left her beloved fifth grandson after an epic 33 days together here in Dubai. The farewell was teary. Kingsley was grumpy (he is not a great fan of airports). Then we commuted back home on the metro…and King had a meltdown.

Next, I am certain that those sharp snow white ridges lying just beneath Kingsley’s pink lower gums are indeed the first of his milk teeth making their appearance. Two tiny bumps that to the touch are not the soft gumminess I am used to are, to my sadness, teeth. They’ve not cut through so I guess today may be the last day I will ever look upon my son and fall over and over again in love with his toothless smile.

Kingsley riding the Dubai Metro, from Airport Terminal 3 to Financial Centre

Kingsley riding the Dubai Metro, from Airport Terminal 3 to Financial Centre

With the reality of teeth coming through and the fact that King, in but seven days, turns six months of age, I set to work in the kitchen this evening blending (to a mash) Kingsley’s dinners. Chicken and rice, then lamb and veges. Again, I am feeling forlorn. I cannot possibly be more in love with my son that right now and I want him to stay a baby.

But teeth and solids are just round the corner (possibly tomorrow!) so I will be the good mumma chopping and blending away tonight, and love my boy even more so tomorrow, than today, the last day in May.

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