07-02-19 Day 16

Thursday 7th February 2019

I’m completely wiped out early hours today. Night 4 with the twins last night was er, LIVELY. Sleep is non existant! I am a zombie! My eyes feel as though there is grit in them! The overnight hours are insane: from 1 till 6am is like a turnstile of feeding boobing, pumping, pooing, checking nappies, washing bums, crying, settling, re-wrapping, waking, feeding…over & over.

By the arvo I’m becoming a danger to myself so with Elektra laying in Jiajia’s bed I pass out with Master Keanu but not before the little lady plays dress-up, today wearing an outfit comprising Aunty Mika’s organic cotton onesie, mitts care of Renee & beanie/booties knitted by volunteers of NICU babies. She lays on the rainbow muslin given to her by Kate Tooby & Camilla…