08-02-18 Oz Day 18

Thursday 8th February 2018

We fulfil some important family duties today – with gusto and joy, mind – by visiting Papoū Pānos & JiaJia Marīka’s graves in Botany, lighting candles and burning incense. I even encouraged Linus to dance on JiaJia Marīka’s grave. He prefered to lay on the gravestones though!

By 11 we’re visiting Tasoūla. Here at the care facility at one point – and quite of his own accord – Dorøtheos turns to Tasoūla and says ‘Se LATRĚVO Nonă Tasoūla’. She SCREECHED and squalked then her MASĚLES became dislodged from her mouth. I noticed Kingsley laughing and throwing himself about, staring into the dark hole of her mouth and he himself thrashed his jaws in response to her falsies falling out.

At another point Dorötheos & I went on a meet & greet of the residents – it was BINGO Afternoon in the common lounge area. He was popular. He kept on blowing up the latex hand gloves.