22-03-20 Kingsley: Eastgardens Library

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Covid-19 is well and truly infecting and affecting everyone we know. Government encourages us to stay well away from others preferably at home in a state of self-isolation but we’re all going demented so off to Eastgardens we go me and the three kids to shop and visit the library.

Γιαγιά meets us here and into the library we bundle her my aim to enthuse Kingsley to explore books, read a couple perhaps borrow a few. Of course he finds a bloody computer game to play as well as a bunch of kids just as obsessed with screen time.

Mum however becomes a library member complete with library card and sure enough she borrows her first book! Meanwhile to drag Kingsley away from the giant computer screen required all my executive negotiation skills plys bribery. He gets treats from Woolies and a pressie from the Reject shop.