08-04-17 Mountains

Saturday 8th April 2017

For Kingsley’s first weekend off from preschool he gets 1) To sleep in an hour and a half; 2) breakfast in bed (fried egg+honey toast + a pink apple) watching his beloved Nickelodeon while JiaJia prepares to leave us for a few days in Athens; 3) a mini-Magnum at 10:30am eaten at the bus stop waiting for JiaJia Dora’s bus to arrive; 4) a visit to our village church complete with what seemed like a junior priest telling Kingsley to ‘return to your Mummā’ after he walked into church to say a prayer (he scrambled out the front doors; I asked what happened; Kingsley told me he was told to go back to your mummā); 5) a two hour trek through the rocky barren mountains of Saronìtha and intrepid climb up the mountains and through the valley following the dry river bed to where up above in the cliffs sparing birds were circling, protecting their nests; 6) a picnic far far away from civilization (nothing much people: hunks of bread, mandarin, apple, breakfast bar); 7) zero inhibitors to climbing as high as he wants, jumping across boulders boundlessly, running through fields, smashing his knee and being nursed back to health via kisses and washing away bloody knees with water from his bottle; 8) a long walk back to our village square and stopping along the way to greet people on the street one of whom – Mr Fānis – taught Kingsley for the next thirty minutes next to his car the names and uses of all his tools in his toolbox. And one tool Kingsley got given as a gift to take home – his own little green screwdriver.

It’s 7pm now. Kingsley before going down for his (our!) nap a couple of hours ago asked after his screwdriver. We’ll live off the fumes of today’s adventures for the next few days at least!