22-05-17 Kata Beach

Monday 22nd May 2017

We’ve arrived in tropical paradise fresh! Flying by night to Phuket with the direct DXB-Phuket was idea: Kingsley and I both slept on board (he needed 4 seats, spread out, the long-limbed creature; me just three) and Erroll watched a live hockey game so we’re all in good moods as we drive to Kata Beach.

Still I make Kingsley nap a further 3 hours at 11am and this seals the deal: he is on fire for the rest of the day: he’s hungry for lunch, gobbles down chippies and icecream then its action and water fun where it all comes out again (sorry fellow pool users), till dinner. Dinner of chippies, spaghetti, chocolate and ice cream stays in thank heavens.