Wednesday 9th March 2016

Kingsley, you are obsessed with my silicone colander; you won’t leave it alone. It must be out in view while I cook or clean, and you insist on removing its little plastic feet that grip. And since you remove its grips, the damn thing slides all over the place…especially when you sit in it.

The entire day today was spent indoors. Erroll went to the gym however Kingsley and I stayed away from the howling winds (so very rare for Dubai at this time of year) by entertaining ourselves on his playmat and rediscovering books he’s not read for a while. Cars and trains, planes and helicopters are still his favorite things in life so we got plenty of traction out of those during waking hours. However the fun really ramped up when Erroll left us for the gym, and the little one followed me and to kitchen, opened up my drawers and spotted his bendy colander. It was all over for the colander then and there.

Two hours of jolly bliss followed as I pretended to scold him for sitting in it, and he pretended cry for pretending the colander hurt him. Perfect pretend play to end our day!


Removing the little plastic feet grips


OUCH! Pretending to have a cry over the colander (which is giving way under Kingsley’s weight)