05-02-19 Kingsley: First Assembly

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Day 3 of Kindy and once again Erroll walks Kingsley to school but this time not directly into Green Room. This time all students sit in their coloured classroom lines and wait till school assembly is called: first bell means stop playing and make your way to the assembly lines; second bell means erryone seated and ready to enyer assembly.

Of course Alex and Kingsley sit together, hold hands to walk into assembly and yawn every now and again.

The boys arrange their first ever play date for this afternoon: meeting at 4:30 at the Zipline. I pass out in bed with Keanu but hear them come home two hours later; Kosta – Alex’s dad dropping them home. A best friend already for our wee champ.

During the late arvo we decide its high time Kingsley opens his Christmas pressies from Miss Cassandra, Elle & Ara: its LEGO. And a very useful pressie since we no longer have screen time during the week. Some LEGO brings entertainment and the proper use of Kingsley’s brain battery. He’s happy as well.