14-09-19 Kingsley: My Priority

Saturday 14th September 2019

A mumma of twins asked me how to go about dealing with the jealous older sibling; any magic advice. Here is how I answered her;

Here is magic advice that worked for us with the older jealous sibling:

1) daddy takes older sibling to sports twice a week, then go get hot chippies and icecream. Discuss together how little guy did at soccer etc.

2) mumma spend one on one time with older sibling taking him to nursery even if mumma wears one twin that’s okay just as long as your hands are free to hold older sibling, pick flowers together, along the way.

3) daddy plays rough-house tumbling, airplanes, pillow fight etc on big bed with older child. Using physicality and strength the older sibling will develop agency and connectedness.

4) mumma & older child choose songs they like and its THEIR songs to sing together most mornings. Kingsley adores ‘Roar’ & ‘Dark Horse’ by Katy Perry.

5) Physical exercise is paramount for your 5 year old right now. Have daddy take older sibling beach or park most days so that older sibling relates to other kids

6) GET ANOTHER PAIR OF HANDS in the house. Get help so that you are doing justice to all three babies

And that’s how I demonstrate that you darling Kingsley are my priority. Off we went today to tennis singing along the way even a Magnum ice cream after.