Kingsley: Push-Ups

24th June 2014

Excitement! Our son is a champ at the push-up. Now that he is getting used to being laid down on his Oma Tina’s Peter Rabbit blanket, Kingsley’s upper body strength is than of a mini-Goliath. Erroll of course encourages such displays of physical brawniness. I take each developmental milestone such as this as my next excuse to whip out the camera and go click click click…

Stand Ups 004

Kingsley mastering the push-up

By the age of 2 months Kingsley was able to lift his head. After he mastered this feat King began pushing his wee torso up off the floor using his arms. Oh I fondly remember those days: his first attempts brought him only partway. During tummy time (which he fought!), Kingsley raised his head, propped himself up on little elbows, and looked around.

Now, at 6 months, our son spends his mornings perfecting the push-up…

Stand Ups 006

Kingsley very proud of his achievement: the push-up

Push-ups at six-and-a-half months of age.

Push-ups at six-and-a-half months of age.

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