19-07-16 Neighbourly Visit

Tuesday 19th July 2016

There is something very heartening in watching your son confidently walk across the hall, rap on the neighbour’s door and wait to be let inside, to play with his mate, the next door neighbour’s kid. It’s exactly what happened this evening after Kingsley’s marathon nap, waking three hours later with far too much energy that could ever be expelled by merely playing at home with his toys. So taking advantage I guess of his ‘chore’ (which is taking out the rubbish and placing it in our floor’s garbage room) out he trots, turns left and straight up to his little mate’s apartment.

Tonight the boys hit the jackpot – both sets of parents eager to offload our own onto the other parents. As such, Ayaan’s folks had Kingsley over for a play date, then both boys came to mine for a while. The boys play well this evening – no fighting or crying; just sharing and enthusing.

Both homes look trashed from heavy toddler activity. Us parents nod to each other in acknowledgement at the mess we tip toe over in order to find a clear spot on the couch to sit; the general chaos of our lives, and shrug it off. Neither set of parents is here to impress the other; on the contrary. I would be decidedly unimpressed where Ayaan’s house in order. Boys, you can play together at our place anytime. Nothing left to break anyway.

Little Ayaan our neighbour

Little Ayaan our neighbour