Disney World Orlando Nov ’16

November 2016

As a stay at home Mumma I get to take holidays whenever Erroll takes them, and not have to ask/plead for a few days annual leave from a mean boss. It’s still so fresh and novel for me (20 months later) that I to this day give thanks for my release from the chains of paid employment that Erroll is a terrific provider for his little family. In fact it really is a truth that you either get loads of money via salary, or loads of free days for holidays, never both. Well for the past 20 months (and I suspect for the next three at least) I will be rich in days of leisure; low on funds. And for that I am so happy. As in, happiest I have ever been.

This month we revisit Kingsley’s Paw-Paw, Granna, 92 year old Greatgrandma Bonnie, Uncle Bill, various aunts and uncles, a six cousins in Nashville, then fly to Orlando for our family vacation at Disney. Here among Mickey and Princess Alena of Avalor we celebrate Erroll’s 38th and Kingsley turning 3.

On this Disney experience we as a family take a night safari, watch a bird show in a Tiki Hut, ride a steamboat, dig up dinosaur bones in boneyard, get drenched on a splash ride, be given free Icecream by a Disney crew member and scores of pennies from our hotel waitress, and keenly watch Kingsley as he inches toward his third birthday at the happiest place on earth…

Dusk at Magic Kingdom



Animal Kingdom (Mumma’s favourite)

Teee of life at Animal Kingdom

With Walt Disney and Mickey

Swimming at our hotel’s pool

Taking SouthWest from Nashville to Orlando