07-10-16 Afternoon at JLT Park

Friday 7th October 2016

Our day, part 2. Afternoon

Since this morning saw a very energetic Kingsley take on swim lessons, make new friends up on the Sky Gardens pool deck and literally jump in and out of three pools for a good three hours, he naturally passed out once home, washed, and fed his mandatory daily two eggs. Passed out cold. Which meant that our afternoon would be splendid. A well rested (and fed) toddler is a dream, that I know from brutal experience.

So with two solid hours nap time restoring the child’s mood to play, we set off for another great adventure. This time to meet Kingsley’s constant friends Haarleen and Layla, at a children’s parkland we’ve never visited before: Jumeira Lakes Towers Park, just behind Marina Metro Station…

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