27-06-18 Riding the Bike with Nadia

Wednesday 27th June 2018

After school I’m feeling slothful / queasy so can’t run / jump to entertain you as I usually do. I’m missing your father – seen here a fortnight ago on our visit to Σαρωνίδα church – and long for his energetic presence.

Mercifully two sisters – Nadia & Eleni – are in the park keen for our company. After all I bring with us bread for a picnic, coloured chalk to draw and a variety of balls to kick. You’ve played with these extrovert sisters before; you like their style and they can handle your grunt.

Today the girls let loose on the chalk. I provide the direction of events and they go with the flow. For starters we each of us outline the bodies of the rest. Laying on the spongy playground surface arms and legs apart we all have a go in creating our very own crime scene.

Next is football and your extraordinary displays of drop-kicks after which all three kids devour our crusty bread. Finally we have bike riding. For the very first time you jump on the back of a bike, holds on tight and go for a ride!

Nadia frequently loses her balance exclaiming not less than four times ‘how much do you weigh, Δωρόθεος?’ Determined to take the well-built four year old around the playground Nadia takes off, instinct draws your arms up to grasp her waist, your little legs dangling by the back wheels and off you set whizzing past other mums and dads to everyone’s entertainment.