20-01-20 Kingsley: No Camp!

Monday 20th January 2020

A first! Kingsley at home with us during this week of school holidays. Was tempted to put him in tennis but then I knew with Erroll around the child would be entertained (and not badgering me to watch a show in my phone). So off to the beach they went with the birthday pressie Alex & Nikolaki gave him – Byron Surf Dude. There’s half the day well spent. Next half is with me playing on our new lawn with Elektra, eating παστίτσιο in bed, commuting to Bondi for jiu-jitsu then to the park in the storm.

Here the kiddo insists on climbing onto dangerous heights on the equipment…then faux crying cause he can’t get down! Meanwhile Elektra plays the drums we found as a treasure by the side of the road. Can’t even fathom going home with the two kiddies I keep them out in the elements for as long as possible. Home late but very satisfied.