05-01-20 Twins: Thai with Θεία Marlen

Sunday 5th January 2020

By the late afternoon I’m panicking as Erroll’s off to work and I’ve got all 3. Its time to take the babies for a very long stroll the aim of which is they pass out (and I get my walk in and groceries). That said I can also return calls.

Marlen too is on foot somewhere in Randwick so I decide to hunt her down. She’s not at Coles. I bet she’s at The Spot and lo! There she is dining a Thai meal Frank at her feet Costa by her side. We agree to stay and the kiddies are well behaved only fussing because of hunger. The dishes’ garnishes come in handy! Cucumbers dipped in water free from chili sauce and these kids chomp away and are smiling again.