08-01-20 Kingsley: Tennis and a Surf

Wednesday 8th January 2020

A packed schedule son: daddy takes you to tennis in the morning after an athlete’s breakfast of bacon & eggs, toast banana and milk. I pick you up at 3 and its been such a successful day on the court you ask for private lessons. Coach Cameron tells us it’ll be Coach Baxby who’ll take you in a fortnight’s time as Baxby is in Japan skiing.

Ditching jiu-jitsu we’re off to the beach for a body surf. Mouldy bread for seagulls who swoop in from hjgh to snatch what you’re holding. You’re delighted with the squalling birds and get me to take us to Woolies for more bread.

Shoredumpers have got all the kids super excited for a body surf. You’re insane! Confidence through the roof: tackling waves head on or diving under or putting your back to them. I watch you mega proud, holding your sister I am, who watches you too. She squeals from joy when you give her attention from the surf. Definitely you are Elektra’s hero.