12-09-17 Primark

Tuesday 12th September 2017

Linus wears the Primark tshirt to school Erroll got him (tucked in may I add).

Here we are today waiting for the school bus. I jumped on it too, and enjoyed a tour of the pretty villages surrounding the sea, as we picked up more little ones. Linus thought Christmas had come as his Mumma was on the bus. I sat at the front with Mr. Vassìli while Miss Christina sat with the kids and Linus got strapped in the back. He was SO PROUD he kept on calling ‘Mumma, Mumma’, grinning and telling the little people who I was. Over he course of our 20 minute ride he would tell me (shout) random things like ‘I like the air’ and ‘I like food’ as well as ‘everything is so sunny and bright, what a bright day’.

Then he wouldn’t return Achilles’s rubber spider so Miss Christina had to intervene. Once we had arrived at school I did not get a second look from him-Kingsley patiently waited till his name was called in order to alight the bus, Miss Christina helped him with his school backpack, then he raced Achilles to the front door both laughing and truly happy to have arrived. No kiss let alone ‘farewell Mumma’.