14-08-20 Twins: Big Nap

Friday 14th August 2020

It is always worth noting when both babies nap simultaneously. The rarest of occasions so when it happens I literally stop whatever I’m doing (which is always walking the babies often uphill up to Clovelly Rd) find a bench or low wall or even just crouch and turn on white sound while sleep takes them over.

Happened today after an epic play in the front yard Γιαγιά keeping them entertained while I set the house straight after they rampage through it. Plus the endless laundry and the upside down kitchen; I’m forever cleaning inside. But outside the joys of babyhood radiate goodness so even mum’s natural negativity is revoked and I hear her squealing from delight at their antics. On our way up to Bondi Junction both babies pass out Keanu as usual needing help to get into the deepest of sleeps: holding my hand or having a heavy hand on his belly.

This is even after I left the babies with her in order to walk Kingsley to school. She’s enjoying their funny ways, especially since they understand Greek and do her bidding. Bring me your shoes Elektra. (Elektra brings γιαγιά her new Timberland boots). Give Keanu the bottle. (Elektra gives her brother the bottle). Throw the ball Keanu. He does!

Its strawberries, banana, yoghurt and bread for lunch at the Junction, the Woolies guy giving us a banana for the little ones to much on…