25-04-18 ANZAC DAY

Wednesday 25th April 2018

ANZAC DAY…and a full day of family time. A first! While Kingsley woke JiaJia Dora far too early (wee, poo, play) Erroll and I slept in till we couldn’t sleep any longer. Its the third time we’ve ever been together, alone…and no surprises, we love it! Kingsley too loves his ‘camping’ with both granmas.

But he loves even more the surprise of seeing his Ba-Bāh at the front door this morning. First Linus heard his dad’s voice call ‘NiNii, Niniī!!‘ then we hear Linus call ‘Ba-Bāh; BA-BĀH!‘ run to see us, race back into the kitchen, drag JiaJia out yelling ‘look who’s come over; its my Ba-Bāh!’

The next 7 hours is intense play, chat, updates. The two lads eat an egg breakfast then leave for the day. Two parks, the beach, Coogee Bay Road for a Magnum then home for showers and dinner. Its cheesy macaroni plus lentil soup.

By 6:15pm Kingsley is snoring and Erroll on his way to the Stanford Hotel for the night. He’s packed with treats, meals and goods to come with us to Dubai. Oh, and his breakfast for tomorrow before we all fly. See you on board, Ba-Bāh!