Kingsley: Games

Tuesday 17th June 2014

This afternoon, at nursery, Kingsley learnt a game: how to play with my emotions. And it was adorable! Here is the scene: 5:30PM and its time to go home. King is being carried about by one of the kindly carers. I gesture with open arms and a sing song voice for Kingsley to come to Mumma. His own arms are around the neck of his carer, but when he hears my voice he turns towards me, arms are now outstretched, and with a huge dimpled open-mouthed smile faces me, then leans toward me, and I move closer like I shall catch him…then he turns quickly to his carer and wraps his arms around her neck again and GIGGLES! Carer and I squeal and clap and I pretend I am upset (not really!!)

The King of games, with his dad at 5 months of age

The King of games, with his dad at 5 months of age

Now I am thrilled by this manipulation of us adults; Kingsley knows exactly what game he wants to play with his Mumma and his carer. And so very quickly I play along too. And we turn it into our first ever game: I reach for him; he turns away. And all three of us chortle. King is delighted with himself. We could go on like this for hours. I could play games like this with my son forever.



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