10-03-18 Kempinski Kid-Free Day

Saturday 10th March 2018

Guess who enjoyed a kid-free, adults-only luxury five star resort experience on The Palm among best friends today? ME!

At precisely 9:45am I bid Kingsley farewell, kissed Erroll adieu, rushed to the lift, consoled the crying child, promised to take him with me ‘next time’ and ran toward the metro. My day of freedom was here!

Jodie, Camilla and I all day poolside, on sunbeds, dipping into the pool, strolling along the beach, beachcombing, drinking vodka, eating seafood.

Meanwhile in a parallel universe is Erroll & Kingsley with mates Roy, Leo & Koa at La Mer themselves beach bums for the day eating ice cream (vanilla of course) and bouncing on trampolines.

Everyone fed, happy, entertained, delighted with their company and planning the next get together when Dubai turns it on like it did today…