19-10-19 Twins: The Kindness of Strangers

Saturday 19th October 2019

After a long day nap, litres of cough syrup, nose spray and ventolin the babies are up and ready for adventures. Stuff 3 eggs down Kingsley’s throat, the babies receive yoghurt and banana, I pack for what looks like a week, then out we five head. We are about to swim in the clean Aegean.

The only way this works is when kind strangers swoop down to tend to the babies and I pop them in their swim suits. Elektra in red, Keanu in a stripe. One group of strangers takes the girl (I call these suntanned birds ‘mermaids’; Erroll the Witches of Eastwick). Another group tends to the boy (a grandma – grandpa duo). I get to paddle in the water with Erroll and Kingsley – a first!