24-10-20 Twins: Dog Park

Saturday 24th October 2020

Kingsley’s off to tennis then a hair cut with Erroll leaving me with two overtired demented children refusing to get dressed let alone get in the pram. By some miracle mum turns up from shopping so I get 4 minutes to get ready go to loo make bottles up and get these two hysterical babies out the door and strapped in.

The sleep, thankfully, quickly falling into a slumber as we walk down to beach. And here we stay the gentle sea breeze on their faces. I’m not about to jeopardise this precious slumber so I’m sat on a park bench enjoying quiet. Over an hour they rest avd within 5 minutes of each other they’re up. And onto our next adventure: dog park.

I actually want to walk up to Randwick or hit Eastgardens however Keanu is once again escaping his seat; he wants to walk! I can’t have him walk the streets. We did that the other day and it took hours to walk a few hundred meters. So its down Mount Street and onto dog park where Erroll meets us.

The babies spot their daddy! Μπαμπά ΜΠΑΜΠΆ they call and run up to him! Keanu detours to a park bench where he slaps down his palm indicating ‘come, sit here’. Elektra as usual sticks to his side. These two are matching in their blue outfits, avd age knows it too!