02-12-20 Twins: Violence at Eastgardens

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Something I’ve not seen before happened right in front of us today at Eastgardens: a violent clash between youth and police (plus a number of security guards). I took a video but the security guy asked me to delete it, which I did immediately. The situation made me very uncomfortable not at all for my safety but for the realisation that scores of youth as young as 9 are by themselves after school loitering and causing mischief. These two babies, it is my devoted wish, are to remain close to us and not be left in the wilds of the streets or malls. No way; Keanu would get eaten alive and Elektra end up in youth penitentiary.

We shop for Kingsley’s 7th birthday party and drink Yakult, change 100 nappies and buy some more. Elektra is enjoying stringing two word sentences and Keanu sings along to my Greek songs on the bus.

Left the little guy home with Γιαγιά this morning while Elektra and I accompanied Kingsley to school. Always pointing fat little fingers at the playground and me forever saying ‘no; we must get home’ today I changed the recording and pushed her pram in through the gates for Elektra to play. From excitement she does a poo there and then; thankfully the water bubbler is working and she receives a bird bath. Now fresh to resume playing.