08-09-20 Kingsley: 5 New Ooshies

Tuesday 8th September 2020

Writing to Jensen’s Mum, Anna, this arvo:

Anna hi! At pick up today these two were very excited to finally have a Playdate. Jensen approached me with Zac avd your lovely helper to introduce himself! I was thrilled! Kingsley was equally happy. To mark the occasion I took these photos of our young men.

Rest assured Jensen was courteous and polite. Kingsley and Jensen upon their farewell hugged! Kingsley asked when will Jensen come over (next Thursday is far away and confuses them) then told Jensen he has a box full of LEGO for him.

Teah after school today as she does every day I see her, comes up to Kingsley and greets him. “Hi Kingsley!” She always looks earnest and hopeful. Kingsley responds in an oafish way. Looks down. Doesn’t acknowledge the girl. Eughhh. Boys are like that universally and the ladies keep trying and one day the boy notices and the girl has disappeared into the sunset. Teah has only so much hopeful enthusiasm in her. But Kavita reassures me “don’t worry. She’ll keep going.”