Babymoon 4: Relaxed Papa

This is what a relaxed and content papa-to-be resembles: a lizard in the sun.

Daddy-to-be relaxed at The Seychelles

Daddy-to-be relaxed at The Seychelles

Erroll had spotted his favourite palm tree near our resort, which at its high canopy sways with the breeze but is rock solid at its trunk, enough to handle a sleepy bear cub like Erroll, catching rays. This is The Seychelles at its best: blue skies, calm Indian Ocean, sunshine and zero humidity. Babymoon day 5, and there is nothing much to do other than mosey about the resort, toes in the water, cheeks to the sun, and counting down the hours till our next nap.


Dad-to-be among the mangroves

During our Babymoon some kind of wonderful came over Erroll with a serenity and calmness infusing his character the instant we landed in Male, the capital. Sunshine, warm clear waters, treks through jungles, walks along the beach and five star breakfasts and dinners together, as one, made for a remarkable vacation.

I too have never quite like this holiday ritualized our bonding as a couple; for we have a very happy tale to tell. That we were there to rejoice in the impending birth of our much anticipated Seahorse was true cause for celebration.



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