08-02-19 Day 17

Friday 8th February 2019

Today we recieve lots of visitors. JiaJia Dora throws open the doors to Casa Coogee and κουλουράκια are served up to Litsa, Lisa & Desi and Adoni. Well behaved throughout the day these infants get handed round and round while I prepare to leave them with their JiaJia (or anyone for that matter) for the first time in their 17-day lives.

So I pump madly, produce two bottles, leave the babies on Dora’s bed then scoot to Coogee Public School’s Kindy picnic with Lisa & Desi.

Freedom for my sore and weary boobs for the next two hours! I’m 100% with Kingsley at his school: we chase, run around together, he and Desi roll down the grassy knoll in tandem, I meet his best friend Alex. Oh and rub shoulders with the chic eastern suburbs parents sending their kids to kindy: actors and sports stars and celebrities. Lisa and I giggle at how ‘diverse’ Coogee Publuc School is; yeah right Mr. Townsend!

Meanwhile, Elektra dressed by Aunty Mika…