26-08-19 Kingsley: 16 Point Win

Monday 26th August 2019

Some champion jiu-jitsu moves tonight at the Dojo took you to another level scoring 16 points and you mastering the sweep. Daddy told me of your win in the spar as soon as we all met up at Coles. ‘You should have seen him, Darling! Putting down that 7 year old! His mum wasn’t happy. But Coach Raf was so impressed with Kingsley’ Erroll said then turning to our boy who was busy choosing the packet of elbow-shaped pasta over the spirals.

Kingsley seemed low key proud of his win but moreso that daddy watched him use skills and apply techniques to take down his opponent. Me the mum feeder offered our champ a tasty protein-rich chocolate milk which somehow Kingsley can down without regurgitating. Its 900ml!