17-11-19 Twins: Won’t Nap

Sunday 17th November 2019

Trouble is brewing these days, ever since returning to Coogee from abroad: the babies are having trouble napping. Keanu fights it so hard he’s delirious but won’t nap. Elektra definitely will nap on the condition that she’s suctioned on to a boob.

Between them I’m distressed and feel helpless. All I want to do is lay with both of them to help them nap but I’m stuck! If I manage to get Elektra down, and comfort Keanu, she senses I’m gone and bellows. Am I to leave Keanu by himself he becomes so distraught that I fear he’ll choke.

My darling μπουμπούκια I love you so much. Today they napped barely any tine. And I comfort / nervous ate.