Kingsley: Morning Walkies

Monday 3rd November 2014

Well here is a first: Jiajia Dora took Kingsley to nursery…all by herself! It was a busy household this morning and neither of his parents could get the boy to daycare (without having a nervous breakdown). I had to arrive at the office on time in order to meet and train the new lawyer starting today, and Erroll flying off to Phuket on an early flight had him grooming from the early hours.

This left Kingsley at the mercy of his loving but nervous Jiajia, who at first expressed concern at taking him all the way to DIFC by herself (what happens if I get lost en route?!! was her ridiculous cry…which I promptly ignored) but then was emboldened when Erroll taught her how to safely strap Kingsley into the buggy.

Her heart then melted with the vision of her darling grandson this morning gently playing on his mat and cooing what she truly believes is an embyonic derivative of “Jiajia”. Surely his first word!!!

And so off she set today at 10AM, boldly walking along the Sheikh Zayed’s service road toward the DIFC and Hummingbird Nursery, Kingsley the usual happy self in his buggy, Jiajia Dora confidently crossing streets and greeting shop keepers.


At Saronida Beach, mainland Greece. October 2014

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