14-03-19 Twins: Vaccinations

Thursday 14th March 2019

9am in bed: Elektra with me boobing and feeling miserable due to constipation; Keanu passed out in the buggy thanks to JiaJia Dora’s arm as she rocked him to sleep.

Ooh those overnight hours were tough. I’m up more hours than asleep. I’m feeding the twins non stop (and changing soggy nappies) plus pumping milk, bottling the liquid gold and resettling.

The resettling bit is tough – for erryone. Elektra has gone from 8-10 poos per day to one. All she can do is fart, non stop, and whinge.

Its now 2pm and we’re back home from a visit to Dr. Eliades and his nurse.  Vaccinations day! Keanu is up first. To begin he opens that rosebud mouth for a vial of very sweet rotavirus syrup and then two jabs in either thigh. A squeal! Then the cries…then a mouthful of magic boob tricks him into calm agsin.

His sister is up now but this time Erroll holds her (as I still nurse Keanu) and the delay onto my boob – all of 4 seconds – is catastrophic! The tears; the howls! But she’s now latched on and sobs no longer.

Weigh ins today: with clothes they’re 4kg. Which means they’ve almost doubled in weight from the lowest they ever were.