26-05-17 Banana & Rasha Islands

Friday 26th May 2017

We’re off to the islands with SeaQuest tours! Oma has treated us all to the magic of tropical island hopping but we didn’t bargain for choppy seas and Kingsley going green on board. (The champ did not however spew, thank gawd, though at least 5 others on our tour did. Eghhh.)

Our day began at 8am with a breakfast we scoff down before the mini van collects us and transports us to Chalong Pier for coffee. Here 18 of us hop on the boat and set off for Banana Island through extreme seas and very poorly passengers though I reckon Kingsley was more in shock at the level of noise coming from the engine than sickly. Getting offloaded for a couple of hours for a swim at remote and wild Banana Island restored our sea sick heads back to normal.

Next we battle 1.5 meter waves, very rough seas and head wind to get to glorious Rasha Island. We’re all poorly during this leg of the trip but yet again once on land our spirits rally. For here on Rasha Island we find a true Thai island life: water buffalo used to plow land; jungle all around, meter-long lizards, rustling palms, zero modern amenities…until the cattle-transporter deposits us at the luxurious boutique five star hotel The Rasha for a few hours to unwind, eat Thai cuisine, dive in the pool and swim in turquoise waters.

Here is our day of island hopping Thai styles…