11-11-17 JiaJia & Daddy Fly

Saturday 11th November 2017

Second last day in Greece for Linus. Its glorious too – warm, no wind, sunny, and both Hartley boys are ready to hit soccer practice today. So off they go up the hill to Anavissos by foot at 10:15 am. I meet them halfway up and outrage Erroll by hailing down a Saronida local (in a Mercedes, mind) and ask (plead) for a lift up the hill. (Its a steep hill and none of us fancied it, truth be told).

His final soccer practice was equal measures a matter of parental swelling pride and truly painful watching. Kingsley for the first time, scored two goals while doing training. I nearly cried! But then during the ‘game’ he danced and sung, fell on the other little boys for fun, even kicked down the goal! So naughty.

As a treat Erroll bought him an afternoon pass for the blow-up castles; three of them! He couldn’t believe his luck as I never let him have a play there. (Nor do I let Kingsley have a tetra pack juice, as his daddy did on Thursday’s soccer practice “as a one-off only”; but that’s another story). The day wore on as us three explored Saronida for the final time this year; Kingsley carried home in his daddy’s arms; me peeling apples and feeding the child; us stopping in to the fourno for fresh rolls. And at 3:30 after a play with puzzles, the tavli board and his new Fishing Game, Kingsley kissed his JiaJia Dora and Daddy farewell. They were off to Dubai, with us two remaining behind to shut up shop till we return on 1st June 2018.

Meanwhile memories of the past 3 months…