Kingsley: Supervoice

Wednesday 16th July 2014

Kingsley you really have found your voice of late. Today at the pool you charmed us with all your babbling. It really is adorable when you rattle off a chain of “ba-ba-ba”. I swear I even think I heard you day “dada.” At any rate swimming seems to evoke in you a great desire to laugh and squeal, loudly.

Don’t know whether you’ll be an early talker but whatever you are saying now that you have tuned seven months, you say LOUDLY. I wonder who you got that from darling?

Pool & Iftar 004

Non stop squeals

Pool & Iftar 006

Here you were rattling off ‘da-da-da”

Pool & Iftar 008

At seven months, you have found your inner diva

Pool & Iftar 009a

Kingsley’s laugh and especially his smile melts hearts

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