20-07-17 West 14th The Palm

Thursday 20th July 2017

Our second time at the West 14th Lazy River – and its a hit with the kiddies! The Hassan-Hartley plans were for Nassimi Beach today however upon turning up there this morning, Camilla was turned away by the door bitch as they have a ‘no children’ policy. WHA??!! Well no loss to us as we all merely hot footed it to West 14th  – still on The Palm – and its out of this world Lazy River.

Highlights: 1) the three kids following Pied Piper styles the ‘cool misty water’ spritzer man whose job is to spray the over heating sunbathers. He was at once mobbed by Kingsley, Layla and Maya, all demanding then asking nicely with many pleases and thank-yous for cool water spritzes. They would not let the kindly man spritz other. Camilla had to intervene. 2) Kingsley swimming unaided for meters and meters, launching himself into the deep end side by side with Layla. 3) As the sun set over The Palm, the three mates making conversation on their favourite subject – ice cream.

Here are the happy shots of our second adventure of the Summer, at West 14th…