37 Weeks: Daydreamer


Your mumma-bear when you turned that glorious "age" of 36 weeks in my belly

cheeks Your mumma-bear when you turned that glorious “age” of 36 weeks in my belly

I  walk about with a silly grin plastered over my face, and a knowing twinkle in my eye and my cheeks are flushed from joy. For you I nurture and you I care for and to you I turn my attention each evening when I return from grinding work. Best bit? Your pa is devoted to you already and any talk of bringing you home from hospital has us both equal measures electrified and nervous.

Fancy! Three people getting to know one another soon. I daydream of your pretty little head. I wonder if you do the same too.

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  1. Dawn Truman says:

    Your baby is looking forward to meeting you Alice and the wonderful life you and Erroll have in store for the three of you. Much love coming your way xoxo

    • Alice says:

      Erroll has just returned from a very long flight and indeed Seahorse waits patiently till its the right time. I am going NUTS now!!!! So anxious and scared and excited and not ready and and AND!!!

  2. Alice, you are just feeling the same anxieties that all- Mums- to -be share! We have all been there and myself, on both sides of the fence! Having delivered 100+ babies in my Midwifery career, it is a little different when YOU are the one that is being told to ‘Push’! Ha ha! Keep Calm and Breathe! Little Seahorse will arrive when He/She decides and until then, you have to rest as much as you can ! Don’t stress too much – not good for the blood pressure!
    Looking forward to meeting your wee bundle if joy next year!
    Love and hugs from frosty , foggy Glasgow xxxx

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